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When it comes to dating there are certain women who make it harder.

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You aren't sure where to turn, what to do or who to trust which creates frustration and leaves you feeling a bit hopeless. Given that it's been years and maybe even decades since the last time you looked for love, you are probably a bit rusty.

If your man hunting skills harkens back to your 20's, it's time for a refresher course.

Ma'ariv ― The evening prayer service, said after sundown every evening. " Melaveh Malkah ― Saturday night post-Shabbat celebration, in honor of King David.

Mayim Acharonim ― Literally, "final waters," the washing of one's fingertips at the conclusion of the meal, so as to have clean hands for bentching. Minchah ― The afternoon prayer service, said just before sundown. Usage: "We need a minyan," or "I'm going to minyan" (meaning, "I'm going to shul"). Also used to describe an act that is good or praiseworthy.

Common usage: "Let's bentch" or "I already bentched." Blech ― The covering for the stove top, usually made of sheet metal.