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All this baseball business qualifies as a concert movie with an identity of its own.

There might be too much musing on the national pastime for nonsports fans, but Clinch draws out the human element in the the team’s (and the band’s) ultra-loyal followers, and shifts the spotlight from Vedder enough to get to know guitarist Mike Mc Cready and bassist Jeff Ament.

Guess he never listened to the words of the entire song -- he's also a bit tipsy. I like the rythm of this song and I like how it encompases both finger picking and strumming.

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We use to listen to Pearl Jam and groups like htat a lot.- Stefanie, Rock Hill, SC"How WEIRD...

I have 2 daughters, one named Stephanie, and they both sang 'butter man' too!

I grew up listening to this song trying to use it to block out her screams and pleas, and it has symmetrical meaning to an abusive relationship."When I was little and this song was popular, I was about 5 years old.

My mom, sister, and I would sing "buttter man" instead of "better man" as a joke.

I thought it was "I didn't know if I was a box or a bag"... This describes why I stayed with my ex as long as I did. She would not have allowed herself to love someone who didn't love her. It's not that the relationship she's in is abusive, it just that she swears she used to know him but as time has gone by he's changed (or they've both changed) and now she wants out.