What is pdt identity token for validating orders Sex dating in chennai

In order to properly use PDT and display transaction details to your customer, you should fetch the transaction token, variable name "tx", and retreive transaction details from Pay Pal by constructing an HTTP POST to Pay Pal. You must post the transaction token using the variable "tx" and the value of the transaction token previously received (e.g.

I have setup Instant Payment Notification through setting according to this documentation.

This is basically logging into your paypal account and enable IPN while specifying a url where the notification will be sent. The first thing I want to trouble shoot though is when the buyer pays the amount, he is automatically redirected to my site.

I found some good sampling code of how everything should work but it still does not work. When I integrate Pay Pal I only use the PDT transaction token on the return URL to let the user view the status of the payment.

So when the user returns from Pay Pal the website is issuing a POST request (server side) to the Pay Pal server and the current status is retrieved.

Once Payment Data Transfer has been turned on, Payment Data Transfer notification will occur when a user has completed their payment.