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There’s probably a 3,000 word essay to be written about it, at some point.You’ve never seen anyone swim the way Suzy (Jessica Harper) and Sara (Stefania Casini) swim in .The swimming pool scene in the original is quick, but scary – in fleeing her haunted house, Diane Freeling (Jo Beth Williams) tumbles into the murky swimming pool, only to find that it’s full of skeletons.

Keeping all of their limbs below the surface of the water, barely even making ripples as they make their way across the pool, they swim in almost total silence, whispering to one another about the recent murders.

It’s eerie anyway, but then the camera moves to the balcony overlooking the pool and the music ramps up, and it becomes terrifying. In , 007 (Daniel Craig) swims in a glowing rooftop pool with glorious views over the neon-lit skyline of Shanghai. The scene was actually filmed at the very posh Four Seasons hotel in Canary Wharf, with Shanghai digitally added into the background afterwards. Whether it has any deeper significance is up for debate, but the scene was used in the marketing campaign for the film, which made it seem important. Ever thought about why swimming pools have to be chlorinated?

Especially because it comes at the end of a chain of pratfalls that involved a clown and a birthday party’s worth of kids. The swimming pool in is abandoned, overgrown, and full of disgusting brown goop. Being pushed into a swimming pool is an annoyance at the best of times, but when it’s as grimy and full of dead things as this one, it’s the last place you’d want to end up.

It’s the site of the penultimate showdown between Jennifer (Megan Fox) and her bestie Needy (Amanda Seyfried), and the state of the water works pretty well as a visual representation of their ruined friendship. Who hasn’t felt like lobbing a few golf balls into a swimming pool from time to time, eh? Director John Hughes said the kids broke into a random house to use the pool, which you obviously should try at home.

The way characters behave in and around swimming pools can tell us a lot about them, and how they interact with the world in general.