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She took of her glasses."You have been late for every history class this last two weeks." She said trying to look me in the eye. ""No, not at all." I said stroking my neck "In fact you're the best part of school." I looked her in those beautiful blue eyes.

Having little experience with big breasts I was unable to determine if they were real or fake. They were there and that was enough to get me rock hard.

It hurt for a short while, but then it just felt great. She took a firm grip of my hip started to move in and out of me slowly."My god, you're so tight." She said while humping me. ""Not like this." I said between my moans."How does it feel to be fucked by you teacher:? Hearing this she started to fuck me harder and faster.

She let go of me with a slight grunt."Turn around." I knew what was coming. I could feel the head of the dick pressing into my anus."Just relax." She said and pushed her whole dick in.

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