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A parody of all those Next Generation meets their parents past stories.Dating Sirius Black Would Include…~ constantly flirting ~ him being super protective ~ showering him with gifts ~ him reacting to them like a child “Wow! You’re too kind.” ~ dating him is like dating a flirtatious child ~ Remus becoming your best friend ~ playing quidditch ~ beating him ~ snuggling. ” ~ surprising him with your pranking skills ~ you both getting into week long prank wars ~ there is no such thing as quick kisses for you two ~ Sirius transforming just to follow you around and lay in your lap on the couch ~ James and Peter are slightly scared of you, but love you nonetheless ~ Sirius and you babysitting baby Harry ~ never remarrying after Sirius gets sent to Azkaban ~ adopting a dog during the twelve years ~ crying when you see him again after twelve years•••Thanks for requesting!!OKHere Is The writes: Patrick has always teased his listeners by providing little information about his personal life.

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The crumbling castle, and chaos around her in the aftermath of the battle paled in comparison to the life shattering letter."What's up 'Mione? "A bed fell through the ceiling, crashing into the common room from the dormitory ."Opps? is a series of unrelated (mostly) one-shots and drabbles of plausible and implausible situations that might have happened at one point in some weird, and likely highly magical situation. Starting at the age of fourteen, students can willingly volunteer.

" Harry asked as he stepped into the common room."We've been expelled Harry,""What? Willing witches are used sexually, not only in private, but also in public.

To prepare for the Experience, Harry, his twin sister, Rose, and his girlfriend Hermione have begun a sexual relationship prior to their Fourth Year at Hogwarts.

NOTE: This story is my most mature and risque story to date.

Chloe is also in the entertainment biz, working for so Stassi may want to start googling to do some ex-girlfriend “research”.


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