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The new version includes the users image inset into the main video screen which can be re-sized.

The "Next" button is now single gray bar that doesn't include any descriptive text.

Shortly after the site launched in November 2009, it had 500 visitors per day. The site is averaging 35,000 visitors online at any given time.

Chatroulette Still Offline August 25, 2010Why is it down?

Many users complain that they have been banned for no reason while others just want to know how to get un-banned from chatroulette.


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    I believe things really started evolving once Live Jasmin made its entrance.

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    After just one drink, I told the dude I was with that I had to go, put him in a cab, and then sent off a text to my second date, faking a headache.

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    At that point, I got contacts for playing sport on the weekend at first and very quickly changed over to them for the school day and back to glasses at home.

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    We aim to review all profiles, photos and diary submissions within 30 minutes.