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Most of the group looked in a sorry state as they staggered off the boat and some came perilously close to falling in the water.

Buttler who appeared one of the most drunk was one of the last to disembark and had to be helped back on to dry land before slumping against a wall.

An unauthorized production unable to use either Morrissey's songs on the soundtrack or his words in the screenplay — reportedly completed before the publication of his much-ballyhooed 2013 autobiography — the film will nevertheless exert nostalgic appeal for those many thousands of diehard Smiths/Morrissey fans at home in the U. And in the early stretches here — when the hyper-articulate, bookish lad is a mere 17 — Lowden looks every day of his 26 years.

Ironically, he's more teenager-ish in the last quarter, when Morrissey's mop of hair gradually develops toward his distinctive, wildly influential pompadour.

Perhaps wary of lawsuits from the notoriously litigious star, the writers scatter occasional hints: the only song we see him perform onstage is a cover of his beloved New York Dolls' Shangri-Las remake, "Give Him a Great Big Kiss." They cautiously settle for a portrait of the artist as a celibate, perhaps even asexual young man, even when — in scenes played for droll humor — he's on the receiving end of unlikely, determined advances from his attractive but conventional and philistine co-worker at a grim tax-office, Christine (Jodie Comer).