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"We KNOW were you live, more importantly" said one with glasses, "We have all your credit card numbers and will destroy your web site and personal life if you DO NOT come through." Shit, a hacker among them, never piss off the hackers, I'd learned that the hard way. "By this Friday the web site will have all the details and will also broadcast live for those that cannot attend the live performance.

We will also get that tentacle sex section BACK up.

He did come through, after I reminded him of a few things he did when drunk one fine day. He advertised that he could just FLOW into ANY orifice and really vibrate a ladies problems away. Swim In ME - imagine if your warm fluid water in a swimming pool was alive, sentient and there to please and you have Mr. The women went wild, they threw money, they screamed, threw open their blouses, offered these alien sailors a great many inducements to come home with them and set up house. If she went with one of the dancers AFTER the show, I can NOT be held accountable. Got to admit she had spirit though, I mean what a way to go. Vibrate active and happy I hear for over ten hours straight. I hear the undertakers had to work over four hours to get the smile off her face.

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The floor show had pseudo pods, tentacles and elastic alien bodies a plenty. His long tentacle arms swayed with the beat of the music. The law specifies NO TOUCHING of exotic dancers in these clubs you know. Lousy system, my lawyers say I should plead insanity.

He occasionally would whip out a tentacle arm to stroke teasingly a women audience member. Imagine a giant green Jell-O mold that can dance, sing and makes shapes in sexually suggestive shapes.

The Twitter feud started on Wednesday, December 27, when the Hustle and Heart author tweeted at […] Making changes for the new year!

Tarek El Moussa has announced his next project — a new show dedicated to helping people.

"I even have a special club JUST for the tentacle sex ladies membership.