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After a handful of layovers and a long trip, I finally landed in Romania.

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Still skeptical, I went to get a glass of water, to find her sitting in the kitchen.

That was when we had a talk that would change my life, forever.

Even though I was a psychology student and I thought I understood people pretty well.

I never thought I would know what he wants, even after he had shut down when I asked him anything about what was going on in his heart. I couldn't believe it and I imagine he couldn't either, until one day I stumbled upon how to do this. It's what lead me directly to the root of his deepest desires and true way of thinking, feeling, and communicating.

She asked me what was wrong, and I told her about my relationship with Frank, how it had ended. I couldn’t believe it, here I had poured out my soul about this breakup, and she’s cracking up at me.