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This information will never change unless the current pope dies or retires and another pope is elected.

where the news event(s) will be discussed in greater detail in prophetic analysis.

This could conceivably set up an alternative scenario in Iraq that may be just as dreadful as the one currently emerging.

If so, it may yet fall to militant Shi'a leader Muqtada al-Sadr in southern Iraq, who also caused much death in southern Baghdad and places such as Karbala, to dispatch the new "pontiff of Rome."Unfortunately, Francis or his successor risk possible assassination in any city “arroused by two rivers.” An act of terrorism against the Pope and his entourage could occur anywhere in the world at the behest of any terrorist leader who may order a pope and everyone in his entourage to be shot by terrorists during a visit to a major port city near a dual river system.

If you know of such a mountain with a cross at its summit near to where the Islamic State is holding territory in Iraq and the adjacent part of Syria ... please do leave a comment on my forum or blog or via email!