Rules dating mates ex

Sometimes it is that simple and a man clearly breaks things off with you.His reasons don’t matter at this point; you owe it to yourself to listen and move on.

”Think of your time and energy (and posts) as currency, and you’re only allowed a certain amount of money per day.

Every time you share a mediocre joke on Facebook that you subconsciously know you only think is funny because so would your guy, don't waste your money.

Ask what’s going on, or why he’s been distant and listen to the answer, taking real cues from what he says. Suggest a fun date night, or weekend away to get his mind off things.

If he can’t give you a direct answer, his distance may be directly related to you and doubts he’s having about you two getting close. If anything, he’s just being cautious or needs some space to see what’s next for him in this union.

Take it at face value and make moves from your heart.


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