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During the Matrix Quest, Nightbeat led Hosehead and Siren on a search of the planet Pz-Zazz for any sign of the Matrix.

Pz-Zazz was on file as a vibrant, lush world; in reality it was a cesspool, festering with mob violence and untamed decadence.

She offered to lead them to the temple on the mountain in exchange for the bird, which she claimed was her property.

Sending Siren off to chase them down, Nightbeat pulled out the giant retractable magnifying glass in his sleeve and went to work collecting evidence from the body.

Finding a serial brand from a Decepticon prison on the body, and identifying a signature Decepticon cyclone cannon as the murder weapon, Nightbeat concluded that a lone, well-armed Decepticon was hunting down escaped Autobot prisoners.

Siren returned at that moment, correcting Nightbeat's analysis by informing him the prisoners weren't escapees, but deliberately let loose as prey to be hunted down. The surviving prisoner, Hosehead, and the lone, well-armed Decepticon named Thunderwing who was right on their tails.

Thinking quickly, Nightbeat had his Nebulan partner Muzzle binary-bond with the dead Autobot in order to partially reactivate his motor functions.

As he helped repel the invaders, Nightbeat revealed to Siren that he had already begun suspecting that Thunderwing had survived their previous encounter.