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A bitch in heat is your best bet, but just because she's wet and smells nice doesn't mean she's 'in the mood.' How can you tell if she's in the mood? The discharge of a bitch in 'Standing Heat' should be pinkish / creamy white.

This cycle lasts for between seven and nine days and is in the middle of the complete heat cycle. Bitches are known to tease and may jump forward or fall over in front of you.

I don't believe I need to tell you what to do from here on in *grin*. If the bitch is your own you may want to try her out of heat.

The same rules apply except be sure and use an excessive amount of lube and be very careful.

Nails could carry dirt on them or scratch the delicate inner lining of a bitches' vagina. You'll also look stunning with your new manicure :); and lastly, Milk Bones!