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The origin of human civilizations and agriculture is of course much older than the documentation in the form of inscriptions and bas-reliefs or tombs can tell us. The research in front of you is the most accurate, up-to-date and scientific document according to the latest archeological and historical discoveries and evidence of the ancient history. They were leaders in astronomy, medicine, mathematics, literature and philosophy.

This sections contains a summarized historical timeline: A journey through time: 7000 B. Throughout the millenniums of invasions and conquests, Persians have been tough enough to live through it and repel the invaders.

Seretse's ship docked in the great, grimy, north-west English port city of Liverpool. It is scarcely surprising that he soon wrote complaining to his uncle: 'Ever since I arrived in England I have been addressing one meeting after the other, so much that I am now anxious to be at Oxford'. This degree had been designed after the First World War specifically for students without knowledge of Greek and Latin. E.' As a compromise, Seretse's tutors agreed that Philosophy be dropped in favour of Law in his 'Modern Greats' programme of study.

The port facilities of Southampton on the south coast, to which Cape and Indian Ocean ships ran in peacetime, still lay largely in ruins from German bombing. No doubt they included the shock, common to African visitors both black and white, of seeing an army of white (maybe in truth grey-faced) dock workers flooding onto the ship to perform tasks of manual labour which were reserved for people of colour in the colonies. Balliol College in Oxford At the beginning of October, 1945, Seretse was admitted to Balliol College at Oxford. It consisted of courses in Philosophy, Politics, and Economics. The Law course would not require Latin, and would deal with contracts and interpretation of statutes.

His son had had the wartime experience of stepping off a ship in Cape Town and having to be sheltered from local colour discrimination by his fellow army officers. Cocker Brown, to take Seretse from Euston to Peckham. I am sure he is going to get a lot of good out of Oxford', he wrote to Buchanan. Seretse responded practically, proposing to hire a private tutor to cram the required Latin into him. Seretse himself thought the timing rather optimistic in preparation time for the Bar exams, which might last until 1949 instead of 1948, but he was determined to stick out the course.