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In 1996, Russia agreed to launch its Start rockets from Churchill, but the market for space launches dropped and plans are on hold.

On April 24, 1970, the Peoples Republic of China became the Fifth nation to launch an artificial moon to orbit above Earth. It rode atop a rocket called Long March-1 in a launch from Jiuquan Space Launch Center in Inner Mongolia. Jiuquan Space Launch Center was built north of Jiuquan City in the 1960s in the Gobi desert 1,000 miles west of Beijing, China. Jiuquan was limited to southeastern launches into 57-70 degree orbits to avoid overflying Russia and Mongolia.

Pads are also on the ground for the Sonda 3/4 sounding rockets, meteorological rockets and other science launchers.

CLA's position nearer the equator offers an advantage over Cape Canaveral.

Sparsely populated Woomera has some infrastructure, is usually cloud free, and would be a good location for access to polar orbits.


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