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One-night stands are short, explosive and found in Anguilla. It involves a chase, delivers a prize and opens the door of satisfaction. This man intrigued her more than any other from her past, which is why Cydney is walking on the beach of Anguilla looking for her mystery man.

Rising star Sherelle Green is definitely bringing her A game for steam and seduction in An Elite Event Series. Outstanding read A complimentary copy of this book was provided by the author for this review.

Sherelle Green has taken the second book in her Elite Event series "If Only For Tonight" to the next level.

EXPLOSIVE PASSION, secrets, mystery, drugs, kidnapping and phychos. A must read and I am anxiously waiting for Lexus's story. Then the craziness started with corporate espionage, betrayals, and kidnappings. I have never liked them, never could get into them and saw them as corny and smut. The storyline was so-so, the man an FBI agent and the woman - an independent, successful type not looking to admit she could be enraptured by anyone let alone admit t Well, I received this as a gift from my sister-in-law who doesn't read much and doesn't really know my taste in reading as well. Ultimately they both let their guard down and fall in love with loads and loads of poorly crafted sex scenes that made me toss the book into my bathroom not once but three to four times when I read ridiculous lines like "down boy" and "licking her like a melting ice cream cone".

Well, I received this as a gift from my sister-in-law who doesn't read much and doesn't really know my taste in reading as well. Again, I just can't get into this kind of fiction, so I thought it was poorly written with a simple, predictable storyline.

What Cydney doesn't know is that Shawn is undercover and the two will be in close proximity of one another whether she likes it or not.


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