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The movie's lengthy climatic scene, which was shot over the course of several days, was exhausting and often improvised, leading to a high-voltage combination of complete terror and wide-eyed humor.

It became clear that Lillard's energy could be channeled into deeply compelling performances.

There were hints of dramatic potential scattered throughout his roles, but only in recent years — in 2011's — has Lillard been given a platform to fully explore his acting range.

Still, Lillard, now also a screenwriter and director, regrets nothing about his trajectory. I'm the guy that ends up getting the job and makes the part good."Throughout Lillard's career, he has rarely been directly offered roles but has always proven himself in the audition room.

"But I never want to look back at my life when I'm old and say I wish I'd given it a shot.'" Lillard was so intent on pursing acting that he took the advice of a photographer in the Valley and changed his name. "When I got my first headshots, they were like, ' You should change your name. ' My first three credits on IMDb are ' As Matthew Lyn.' It's more a porn star name than anything else."Lillard's first ever onscreen appearance was a commercial for now-defunct clothing store Miller's Outpost, but his big break came in 1990 when a 20-year-old Lillard scored a gig as the host of a Nickelodeon skateboarding show called ."I remember saying to my mom and dad, ' We should go to Disneyland because when this hits I'm going to be so famous that I'm going to be swamped and my safety is going to be an issue,'" Lillard said.