Joseph dempsie dating hannah murray

A role in slasher movie Tormented followed for April, after theatre roles and an appearance on Casualty. The book adaptation is set to be screened on Netflix and comes from the Skins writing team.

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Chris Miles' demise, via a brain haemorrhage - the same condition that had killed his older brother, was one of Skins' most poignant moments.

Since the show, Nottingham-raised Joe Dempsie, now 29, has followed Ainsworth into Game of Thrones, playing Gendry, and also appeared in 'This Is England ‘90'.

Patel, 26, may not have had the biggest role in Skins, but his star has certainly been in the ascendance since he first appeared as Anwar Kharral.

Kharral wasn't entirely respectful of his religion, eating pork, indulging in pre-marital sex and taking drugs.

From 2015, he joined the popular programme Poldark on the BBC where he played Jim Carter for four episodes and was recently in a play called Shopping and F'ing.