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Students will learn correct form of running, proper nutrition for health, and how to build endurance to run longer distances. The facilitator, Scott Carpenter, a Community Development Officer with the Metis Nation of Ontario, led the hands-on presentations. Anne Catholic Elementary School returned after the Christmas Break, their teacher Lois Lambert asked, What type of center should we have in our class? While the students were engaged in discussion at the Veterinarian Centre, they were talking about adult animals and baby animals. Anne Catholic Elementary School04/15/2013 - The Full Day Kindergarten classes at St.

I really enjoy the running club because I like participating in all the teams and clubs that St. Professional Speaker at BAC for All Parents05/07/2013 - On Thursday May 9, 2013 beginning at pm in the school gym at Bishop Alexander Carter Catholic Secondary School parents from St. Anne Elementary School and Bishop Alexander Carter are invited to attend an evening with Dr. A question was raised from the students, If an animal has a baby, does it look like its mommy or daddy? He was completely open to speaking to approximately 150 students in grades 7 and 8, and quickly responded and set up a time to visit the Valley East school. Anne Catholic Elementary School in Hanmer got a great surprise on a regular Wednesday afternoon. Anne Catholic School03/05/2013 - Recently, students in grade 8 at St.

Anne has to offer, said Abby Gladu, a Grade 6 student at St. The class looked at the life cycles of various animals. Anne Authors Share their Amazing Stories04/18/2013 - Grade 3 and 4 students showcased their writing and story telling skills during March at St. Each child wrote, illustrated and published a book and then read it to younger students. Anne Catholic Elementary School04/16/2013 - Recently, students at St. Cameron ODaiskey, FDK French Immersion student, brought her new goats to her class for her inquiry . Anne Catholic School strives to provide real world experiences to their early learners. Anne Catholic School04/15/2013 - On March 20, 2013, students at St. Anne Catholic Elementary School in Hanmer participated in their annual Dragon's Den science fair and became inventors for the day.

However, they were most interested in the life cycle of a rabbit. The authors were excited to share their hard work and the audience was thrilled to listen to the stories and see that even kids can be authors. Anne Catholic Elementary School in Hanmer had the opportunity to learn from, and experience the music of, local country star Larry Berrio. Berrio was invited to the school by grade 8 student Christine Chartrand, who is interested in pursuing a career in country music. Berrio through his Facebook page and asked him if you could come and speak to the students at St. Her fellow students were thrilled to touch and asked many questions about her new friends. Why is one brown and one black if they are siblings? By providing the students with these opportunities to learn, the students tap into their higher order thinking skills all while exploring the world around them. Anne Catholic Elementary School participated in Franco Fun Day. Anne Catholic School03/06/2013 - On February 14th 2013, Mrs. Anne Catholic Elementary School took part in a Science North e-Workshop: UP! Grade 8 students displayed their inventions for the entire school community to view and ten groups were selected to present their inventions to the panel of Dragons in the afternoon. David Students Learn About the Lenten Season02/14/2013 - Read more... Anne Catholic Elementary School02/06/2013 - Recently, students at St.

To follow up that achievement, they competed at the Kiwanis Music Festival on March 24 at St. This running club is in its second year, and students were eager to hit the ground running. Anne students in Grades 4 to 8 have signed up for this activity that will lead them to a healthy lifestyle that includes getting regular exercise. As part of their unit on personal safety, the students took part in a First Aid workshop with Michelle Goheen, a client services co-ordinator with the St. The students went through what is in a First Aid kit, the practical applications for use in case of an emergency, and as well how to use the equipment appropriately. Sudbury Catholic Students Participate in Metis Heritage Days05/06/2013 - The Sudbury Catholic District School Board recently held Metis Heritage Days at Holy Cross Catholic Elementary School.