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Foreign Extra Stout was also known as Foreign Export Double Stout and West Indies Porter at different dates..

It was the same strength as the domestic Double Sout, but more heavily hopped and matured for longer (up to 2 years) In the years 1900 - 1916 a high proportion of beer brewed in Ireland must have been the stronger stouts. As a comparison, in England and Wales it was 1051 - 1052º and in Scotland only 1047 - 1049º. Stout has steadily lost popularity with drinkers over the last 40 years, but is still the most popular style.

This page lists all the breweries currently active in Ireland and all the beers they brew.

I have created a single page for the whole of Ireland, both the Republic and the North, for no other reason than the small number of breweries. Unless you've spent the last 50 years in a sealed concrete bunker, you'll be aware of Guinness's dominance of the Irish brewing scene.

It was topped up with lively, young beer from a smaller cask on a high shelf ("high stout").


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