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The web restrictions are very easy to toggle on and off and access to them is password restricted, which makes it perfect to quickly turn on before handing an i OS device off to a youngin’ for unsupervised use.

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As you draw those circles and rectangles, the areas of the screen that will be restricted are grayed out. Here you can disable physical Buttons, such as the Volume and the Sleep/Wake Button. When you restrict them, a small lock icon appears next to them. Once restrictions are in place, you must enter the passcode to disable them again.

For example, in Instagram, you might disable the icons that let the user search, post photos, and send direct messages. For the time limit, decide how long you want the child to use the device. Back in the main settings for Guided Access (Settings Guided Access), you can enable an audio notification that will alert you about 30 seconds before the phone locks. Then you'll have to triple-tap the Home Button and enter the passcode or Touch ID to get back to the normal phone settings. You might want to lock down your Reminders, Photos, Bluetooth Sharing, and other features and apps.

Throughout our testing it turned the web into a generally much more PG-friendly version, with occasional slip-ups possible through social media, though particularly enterprising youth may be able to find other ways around the filtration that we weren’t able to.

If there are very specific websites you want to block access to, you can add them to the restrictions list separately by tapping on “Add a website” under the ‘Never Allow’ section.

Each option, such as Movies and Websites, lets you set kid-friendly restrictions.