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Hawksley Workman is many things to many people in many places, but primarily, he’s a student of the human psyche; an artist in the purest sense of the word, constantly finding fresh and interesting ways to frame and share the world – the people we are and the things we encounter.

It’s a virtually bottomless well of ideas for a man with virtually endless imagination and creative outlets.

This album, titled, For Him and the Girls, earned him comparisons to the likes of Tom Waits, Workman has been known for his unusual and creative promotional materials as well as his music.

Around the time of his debut release, he published a number of letters to "Isadora", a fictional lover, in the classified section of Toronto's NOW.

In 2013 Workman formed a band, Mounties, with Ryan Dahle (Limblifter) and Steve Bays (Hot Hot Heat).