Haiku adult dating

On this intensive writing course we will re-visit the most misunderstood of all the poetic forms – the haiku – looking at work by experienced practitioners in the UK and USA.

We will then practice some techniques that contribute towards making the ordinary extraordinary, enabling us to write our own small epiphanies, tiny elegies and snapshots from our daily lives that are charged with clarity, emotion and humour.

For more information visit our Lynne Rees is a freelance writer, editor, writing coach and lover of food and running.

Born in Port Talbot, South Wales, she has lived in the Channel Islands, Florida, Barcelona and Antibes, in the south of France, but home is currently a working apple farm at the foot of the North Downs in Kent, UK.

As I was walking to the subway, I got a bag of Cheetos because I was hungry, but I didn’t have anything to wipe my hands on, and you know with Cheetos you get that dusty stuff all over your fingers…