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Throughout, she emphasizes that there is "no right or wrong way to be Jewish." Similarly, her balanced explanations of everything from the difference between categories of Jews (i.e., Orthodox, Reform, secular) to the sacred texts' stances on sexuality, accentuate the importance of knowing and being comfortable with oneself.

Her quizzes, though modeled after those found in popular women's magazines, tackle tough questions and require a deeper level of self-evaluation.

But isn’t it said that in every stereotype lies a kernel of truth?

Meanwhile “Talk Yiddish to Me” offers a glossary of key Yiddish terms and “Mishpochac and the Hanukkah Bush” is an overview of holidays, family dynamics, food choices and what not to wear.

But it is meant to be a gift- and goes over very well. She discusses Yiddish language and Jewish holidays more or less as trivia. Sometimes can fall into stereotypes, and much of the information here is from other books that are way better.