Gay dating sties

They don’t cry about how things are, they accept them and do what they need to do to make them better.

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Stop looking over the fence and start looking in the mirror. But stop with the porn, it’s turning a generation into impotent, sadistic cowards who treat women like objects.

It makes you unable to have boners as, over time, your expectations change. Go get a real woman, treat her well and with respect, and poke all you want.

If you don’t want to defend yourself or your family, if you’d rather have help be a phone call away rather than by your bed, so be it. Too many humans think they’re destined for something perfect when they haven’t earned it. The reality is that you need a bloody paycheck, so take the next job and work your ass off, climb the ladder, be better than your wage, and reap the future rewards.

Stop trying to tell me what dog I can and can’t buy. It isn’t the result of anything other than your own choices and actions. Start taking control of your life, your thoughts, and your choices or just shut up. Stop waiting for the perfect job to come your way, take the next one available.

Stop waiting for a gift, a promotion, a helping hand, go out and get it. When the shit hits the fan you’re given an opportunity to persist, to push through, to become tougher and stronger.