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She's a swinger in real life, Claire confessed she had a really good time during this shooting, especially during the double penetration with these two gentlemen. This time they are leaving the city behind and heading for the countryside.

With the sun shining through the trees, this gorgeous couple found a perfect spot next to a rock face.

We sat down as normally as possible at one of the tables, continuing our conversation, and in a moment the waitress came along.

She was very flustered, garbled a few incoherent monosylables, and then left, having forgotten to take our drink orders.

I love that so many of you spoil me and show respect by keeping your conversation PG rated when you aren't able to contribute.


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    Le coup d'envoi est donné avec le biopic Erin Brockovich, seule contre tous, un énorme succès critique et commercial, qui mise énormément sur son aura de star, et lui permet de livrer une performance misant tant sur son humour que sur son charisme naturel.

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    Eva tells her there's nothing wrong with a little bush, and she shouldn't let Tyler call the shots.