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From the people who brought you EVA4 now bring to you �Love Hina Sim Date RPG�.Love Hina sim date RPG Try this hot sim dating game!

You can play with sexy versions of all the characters in the game by typing in codes for them as well.

Sexy Milfeulle appears when you type in "locknload," Mint needs the code "ihateporn" to get her going, "ieatsand" makes Ranpha appear sexy, and Sexy Vanilla comes with "burntsugar." For the opposite effect, you can make the girls into white rectangles by inputting "klacidmadegraphix." Grahame Turner has worked as a freelance writer since 2009 and a freelance reporter since 2010 for Wellesley Patch and Jamaica Plain Patch in Massachusetts.

-Klacid Does anybody know the name of the music used in this game?

I've looked all over and it isn't from Nothingface like the info says.

To start with 20 of each item, "igotabagofhair" is the code.