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And in more cases than not, your own imagination is much more visual and more horrific than what you see on screen, so we tried to push things, drop little things, without actually showing anything explicit, but it was an incredible experience.

Brendan's an extraordinary character to play." A spokesperson for Hollyoaks described the storyline in October 2010, saying: "Ste doesn't realise how much power and control Brendan is wielding over him. Brendan is the only man he's ever slept with so he feels a connection he’s never felt before.

His principles may be different to yours or mine but he's not good or bad, he's just...

Brendan." Actress Bronagh Waugh, who plays Brendan's sister Cheryl, has claimed that Brendan is "one of the most evil soap villains ever", stating: "Brendan is the nastiest bad boy I've ever seen — I'm talking worse than East Enders' Dirty Den.

Even when Brendan beat him up he somehow managed to turn it all on Ste so he was the one that ended up apologising.