Economics dating video

Economics dating video

But even among economists there are differences of opinion on whether it’s helpful to cast a pragmatic eye on love and sex and the decisions made therein.

Frances Woolley, an economist at Carleton University who researches the economics of gender and has made presentations on the Economics of Sex, maintains that it’s interesting to look outward at what the data are saying about people’s behaviours in the bedroom and in their family life, but emotions and happiness and connections play too large a role to make this economic thinking very useful on a personal level.“I think an economic lens has a lot to say about it, but I’m not sure it improves your marriage or personal relationship,” she said.

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The idea inspired her to write the book.“We have a chapter on loss aversion, which is an idea in behavioural economics that quantifies how much people really really hate losing versus how much they love to win,” she said.