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She asked if any of the boys I'd dated had ever tried to 'fit them together'. "By then, Daddy was rubbing his hand all over my crotch. I shook my head because it was hard to think of a way to say no. Once the fertilized egg attached to the wall, if there is something wrong, it could be six to eight weeks before I miscarried." "What're you going to do? There should be an egg waiting for your champion swimmer floating around in there. I'm surprised you and Mom are able to function in polite society at all." "When you put it like that, I guess it has been a helluva year." He paused and looked at his sister. I didn't see her around yesterday at all." "She went down to the City to talk to her friend, Irene, about forming a repertory group to perform here. Since then, I've been having some really weird and disturbing dreams.

Then Momma came over and started taking off my clothes, saying, just like she'd done her duty by Ron, Daddy was going to show me how a man pleasured a woman. He used his mouth, his hands, and his pecker, and every one of my holes they'd fit into. " Avoiding his eyes, Ellie answered softly, "We're doing it. We'll know by July if Evie's ghost was right." She looked at his face and shrank back from his expression, a combination of anger and sadness, chasing each other across his face. it's just like the nurses in my dream, using me..." When Mike was done, Ellie had a vision of herself back in P'town, being fucked, without any care or concern, by the two guys whom she had let pick her up. She hasn't been pleased with the touring groups we've had. Then about six or seven weeks ago, I lost the ability to get an erection." "Did something happen to you physically which might have caused you to lose your erection?

Before he could say anything, the light came on and he saw Stevie drop her robe, revealing she also had come to the spa naked under her robe. "Just about, if you don't mind being crowded." "I know--it was designed to be crowded. I shouldn't think seeing a body like mine would have any effect on you at all." "Don't sell yourself short, Stevie. "Ron and I grew up in Southern Tennessee, in the mountains just west of the Carolinas. His momma was daddy's sister." She stopped and looked at him, waiting for his reaction.

She turned around and saw him, causing her to gasp, then laugh, making no effort to hide her nudity. If I was single..." "You're sweet, Mike," she said, lowering herself into the tub. He returned her steady gaze, saying only, "So, you're really close cousins.

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