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Now, the California native is smitten with NYC’s most populous borough: “I love the parks, the food, the people,” says the 34-year-old actress, poet and director, who plays a money-grubbing millennial in “Can You Forgive Her? In the afternoon, David will put the baby in her Baby Björn and go to our favorite bar, Hartley’s.

We’ll each have one beer and walk over to Prospect Park. There’s this really great place, Emily, that has one of the best burgers I’ve ever had in my whole life.

Goldenson Theater in North Hollywood about her husband David Cross and his close friendship with Lively's hubby Ryan Reynolds.

"I mean we'll be on text chains the four of us, and Blake and I will get like one word in to all of their jokes," she revealed. PHOTOS: Serena van der Woodsen and other iconic TV and film characters' wedding dresses "Oh that's happening!

The cart’s still there, but now there’s a pretty big line because the word has spread.