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Second, your BF will not get extra money (or housing), so you don’t want to be totally dependent on him…won’t even be able to go on base unless he signs you in and out every time…driver’s license, etc…spouses who are not sponsored would have trouble living overseas (and wouldn’t have any of these privileges either).

BUT, with that being said, being apart will be a good test for your love (we have a lot more deployments these days)….and, thank God for Skype, Vonage, Facebook, etc…easier than the old days!

Shortly before Christmas Dave wants more quality time for Julie and him, so he enforces domestic chores roster.

Alas that exposes everyone to a practical breakdown, a mysterious stench and Rachel's macrobiotic 'cooking'; to her amazement next door proves housekeeping can work well, even with kid brother Ben and his cahoot Nick.

Online Support Groups Reach out to other Army girlfriends online to form your own support group.

On my Army message board, as well as many others, there are girlfriends of soldiers.

You can come to the group to get information and support.