Dating over 35 swan

I want a lover who can take me on a journey, bring me to the heights of heaven and then the (metaphoric) depths of hell, someone with a rich emotional landscape, who is able to maintain a sense of balance. I am bi curious and would like to explore further and have some fun.

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“The whole video dating experience was really humiliating,” she says, like living in a game of Mystery Date and getting stuck too often with the Dud.

Children of the ’60s should be able to remember the game-and probably even sing part of the jingle, “.. There was the Dream, dressed in a white dinner jacket, and the Dud, in his unmatched plaids, horned-rim glasses, and white crew socks.

I suppose this is why I find it so exceptionally rare that I truly connect with others. :) I have a 10 year old son and my world revolves around him currently.

One can have this "something or other."je ne sais quoi," breathing and seething from inside of them, else one can be like the majority of others, ordinary. I can be funny at times but also serious when the occasion rises. Between soccer for him and volleyball for me we are quite busy.

You walk into a club where you used to go on dates or looking for dates, where you used to feel comfortable flirting or dancing or having a cocktail, and, suddenly, you see the obvious-you could have given birth to these kids. If you’ve never been married, or if you’re divorced and single again, there is a dating life after Nostromo, the 8.0, and Studebaker’s-and it’s not at Arthur’s.