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He was a colorful figure in early Washington County history. Brough, he was considered one of the two strongest men in Washington County, IN.

He was always being challenged to prove his might, and seems to have won several fights over men half his age.

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The inhabitants of the cabin would then reply "Who's here?

" which – in the Appalachian English of the early settlers – slurred into "Who'sh 'ere? " A variant of this account had the Indiana pioneers calling out "Who'sh 'ere?

Smith's earliest sources led him to argue that the word originated as a term along the Ohio River for flatboatmen from Indiana and did not acquire its pejorative meanings until 1836, after Finley's poem.–May 1806), who evangelized the American frontier at the beginning of the 19th century as part of the Second Great Awakening.

"Black Harry" had been born a slave in North Carolina and sold north to Baltimore, Maryland, before gaining his freedom and beginning his ministry around the end of the American Revolution.

A letter by James Curtis cited by Dunn and others as the earliest known use of the term was actually written in 1846, not 1826.


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    This is used in contrast to people who have problems with opposite-gender attraction.

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