Dating antique beds

In France, early armoires were heavily decorated, featuring gilding, intricate painting and architectural elements like columns.

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Dating antique beds

HISTORY OF THE ARMOIRE Dating back to medieval times, armoires were first used to hold weapons and armor.

The name is believed to come from the Latin word “armorium,” which referred to a chest for storing arms.

STYLE Next, identify your personal taste in design. Opt for a sleek mid-century American or Danish armoire. The romantic French Rococo style features elegantly curves lines and elaborate wood carvings with floral motifs.

Furniture from that 1930s-60s period was known for clean lines, smooth surfaces and teak wood. Or try the more anglicized yet still luxe style, Chippendale, named after 18th century cabinetmaker Thomas Chippendale and recognized by its dark mahogany, S-shaped curves and triangular pediments. An Art Deco armoire with rounded edges and geometric wood patterns in chevron and sunburst harkens back to the extravagant Jazz Age. A used armoire in the 1700s American Shaker style fits perfectly with the farmhouse aesthetic.

An airier room will feel less empty with a large piece of furniture to immediately attract the eye.