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The Kagyus were also well known for the proliferation of yogis.

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For example, Japanese priests marry and their spouses may have even played a role in caring for the temple.

In Tibet, in addition to monks and nuns, there were other vow-holding religious specialists known as Ngakpas and Ngakmas, Naljopas and Naljormas.

(1) Like their monastic counterparts, they carry life long vows and underwent Tantric ordination, representing a tradition of Buddhist clergy based on Buddhist Tantra and great perfection, “dzogchen” (Tib. These yogis, like their monastic counterparts, historically have also served as teachers, spiritual leaders, ritual specialists and contemplative practitioners who practiced alone, in small communities or in service of their local villages.

They were often married, had families as non-celibates.

A nineteenth century yogini, Sera Khandro, tells the story in her autobiography of choosing to be a ngakma, a Buddhist Yogini, following the non-celibate path.