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Looking forward to a chat Linsey xxx Hi Butterfly89, I'm 22 and my dad has terminal cancer.

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I have to live with it everyday and want the chance to talk about other things.

Maybe I don't like the questions from people who don't understand what I'm going through?

It's comforting to hear others understand even though it's under such sad terms.

So sorry to hear your mum has terminal cancer absolutely devastating!

Unfortunately my dad passed away last week and it's just such an awful feeling, your right not many people understand.i feel sorry for my mum mainly, it's all shes ever known and now she's all alone when I'm not in the house. Hijust wanted to say that I have just gone through this with my grand children My son in law was diagnosed at 38 8 years ago with stage 4 colon cancer and just passed away 8 weeks ago he left behind m daughter and two children age 18 and 15 They were quite young at thebeginning and were told right away that their dad was really sick They endured man surgeries ,ups and downs but handled his death very well I think children's need to be part of the journey as they are very resilient .