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I told her I knew sometime her head was somewhere else and it's ok. I told her needed to know and begged her to tell me. She was about to orgasm when she said, "You know exactly who I think about." We were both on the verge of cumming when I ordered her to say it. We began to discuss how our relationship was evolving and how we were going to go about it.

She told me all the things a wife is suppose-to say like, "You are so much bigger than him" and "Never had an orgasm until we had sex". I knew Tim from high school and found out they dated right after graduation for a few months. Samantha told me the real reason she didn't tell me about him was because she was ashamed.

He was a very tall and that felt inclined to discuss the time they had sex. She told me how she went camping with him and camped right next to a bachelor party.

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