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Two families went to the Burra region, one family to the Kingston area. John and July Thomas and family, emigrated in 1849 to Burra.

John had been hired as a mine manager by the Burra mine agents in England because of his expertise of timbering in Cornish mines.

They had 3 children, Clement, Clarence and Minetta.

In 1915 the Burra papers herald social events at Maythorn but within 4 years, the family is devastated by the death of Clarence, and later, the death of Elijah Thorn Humphrys, coincidently, both of wound infections. Thomas and Mary Smith, 21 year olds from Cornwall, emigrated from Cornwall, England in 1853.

John was shrewd enough to realise that a better life was to be had on the land, and as the government was surveying and selling off the land around Burra, he invested his Burra Mines income in land north of Burra, near Mt Bryan.