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This acne usually occurs around the mouth, chin, and jawline in adult women (often can be cystic), and tends to appear or gets worse before menstruation and/or during ovulation.

It’s usually accompanied by other PMS symptoms, and irregular periods.

It appears like basically all and every hormone imbalance can cause acne, and unfortunately, I really don’t have them all exactly straightened out in order to explain them, or how to treat them specifically. The best thing you can do if you want to know about your specific hormone issues, is to get a saliva hormone test done and talk to a natural therapist about an appropriate course of action for you.

So, having said that – there is a specific type of hormonal acne in adult women that is very, very, veeerrry common, and while all acne is hormonal, this one has been dubbed and is often referred to specifically as “Hormonal Acne”.

Switch to a gentle and natural skin care routine too, A generally unhealthy lifestyle is the biggest reason that anyone’s hormones are going to be out of whack and produce acne (no matter what kind of acne you have).