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Dr or Naram) Hi Viesia, Thank you for your comment.

I know they are committed to you, and working hard until they have customer care running as smoothly as possible, to respond to the incredible demand.

think about this-- I was looking and about 6/10 people bought the medicines. He's basically assessing his victims to see how much he can scam them for.

The higher the income, the more medicines he would have written on that herb list of his. I should have stopped right there at that blatant lie and said I didn't want to go through with the stupid consultation.

v=jh_6ALp Cz Ek Really, you should listen to your own body, and you should listen to your own heart.

If you want to do more research, you are welcome to also listen to any number of the other stories of people who told me, in their own words, and for no compensation at all, what has happened to them as a result of consulting with Dr Naram: (see either

But hey let's give Pankaj Naram some credit- he DID give me a plastic ring (cheaper than those in dental offices) for all my trouble! This reminds me of a cult- once they have sucked you in, including your money, your soul, your pride, your identity, they will abuse you, and the victims take that abuse in effort to please the leader.