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Rule 1910.16-2(d) has been amended to clarify the provisions relating to income and earning capacity. However, when there are unavoidable differences, deviations must be made from the guidelines. The child support schedule in Rule 1910.16-3 has been amended to reflect updated economic data, as required by federal and state law, to ensure that children continue to receive adequate levels of support. Self-Support Reserve (‘‘ SSR’’). The amended schedule also incorporates an increase in the ‘‘ Self-Support Reserve’’ or ‘‘ SSR’’ from $748 per month to $867 per month, the 2008 federal poverty level for one person.

Rather, as the statute requires, the obligation is based upon the reasonable needs of a dependent spouse or child and the reasonable ability of the obligor to pay. The non-custodial parent makes contributions through periodic support payments to the custodial parent. The guidelines are designed to treat similarly situated parents, spouses and children in the same manner.

The issue of paternity may be included in an appeal from the final order of child support. Immediately preceding text appears at serial pages (256279) to (256280). (b) An unallocated order in favor of the spouse and one or more children shall be a final order as to all claims covered in the order. (2) If a person caring for or having custody of a minor child, who does not have a duty of support to the minor child, initiates a child support action as provided in Pa. Maternal grandmother is the obligee with Mother and Father as separate obligors owing $594 and $396 respectively to the maternal grandmother. Mother/obligor’s income will be $1,434 for purposes of this calculation ($2,000 less $566 in direct support to the children in her custody). Father owes child support of $500 per month for two children of a former marriage.

The court may also enter an interim order for child support at that time and shall refer the action to conference and hearing as in other actions for support. An order establishing paternity is not an appealable order. § 4348(d) for additional matters which must be specified in an order of support if arrearages exist when the order is entered. 1910.16-2, and the number of persons being supported. Mother’s preliminary monthly share of the child support obligation is $594 ($990 x 60%) and Father’s preliminary monthly share of the child support obligation is $396 ($990 x 40%). As the agency/obligee’s income is zero, Father’s support for the child in placement will be 100% of the schedule amount of basic support for one child at the $2,151 income level, or $509 per month.

The obligor will receive an additional 10% reduction in the amount of support owed at 40% parenting time, increasing incrementally to a 20% reduction at 50% parenting time. Subdivision (c) has been amended to require the court to consider the duration of the marriage in determining the duration of a spousal support or alimony pendente lite award. 1910.3(a), a person having custody of a child or caring for a child may initiate a support action against the child’s parent(s). The provisions of this Rule 1910.16-1 adopted September 6, 1989, effective September 30, 1989, 19 Pa. 4151; amended January 27, 1993, effective immediately, 23 Pa. 701; amended December 7, 1998, effective April 1, 1999, 28 Pa. 6162; amended October 27, 2000; effective immediately, 30 Pa. 5837; amended August 20, 2003, effective immediately, 33 Pa. 4435; amended September 27, 2005, effective 4 months from date of this order, 35 Pa. 5643; amended January 12, 2010, effective May 12, 2010, 40 Pa. 586; amended April 9, 2013, effective August 9, 2013, 43 Pa. 2272; amended February 10, 2017, effective May 1, 2017, 47 Pa. 1123; amended August 3, 2017, effective October 1, 2017, 47 Pa. Generally, the amount of support to be awarded is based upon the parties’ monthly net income. Monthly gross income is ordinarily based upon at least a six-month average of all of a party’s income. However, if alimony is intended to finance the obligee’s general living expenses, inclusion of the alimony as income is appropriate.