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The blog, run by Alex Papadimoulis, "offers living examples of code that invites the exclamation ‘WTF!? ) The website was started on , when Papadimoulis posted an entry entitled "Your Daily Cup of WTF" on his blog as a means of simply complaining about the quality of development at his then current employer.

A few days later, he registered The Daily domain name and began posting stories from readers of the site.

However, the option to disable Java Script was not removed from Firefox entirely.

You can still access it from about:config or by installing an add-on.

Any advice re this matter would be very much appreciated, please? and they don't care about the "dear honey the plate is hot don't touch it" warning. Or delete -no-remote to many ff instances can screw up ... PIN the tab, so this tab comes available to all tabgroups. filter=/^javascript.enable/ only one entry should come up modify the search all you want here are examples Dear Firefox I'm in rage ...